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What Costs Can I Expect?
What Costs Can I Expect?
It is impossible to know, at the beginning, how many sessions or what kind of sessions will be most helpful. After a careful assessment of your situation and your goals, you and I can make an educated estimate. Such estimates are subject to change as we gain more information about your situation or as your treatment goals change.

It may be useful to know, however, that 90% of outpatient episodes last less than 25 visits. Yours may last longer, and we will be in a better position to judge that after several sessions. This at least gives you a starting point.

It may also help to know that research studies show that many people gain financially by a successful course in outpatient therapy. These gains may come in a variety of ways:
  1. There is a strong mental connection between mental and physical well-being. Emotional distress uses up our physical resources. For the short term, that is not a problem, but long-term distress makes the body more vulnerable to a wide range of problems because resources are depleted.
  2. For similar reasons, people who already suffer physical illness heal more quickly for fewer dollars, when needed therapy is included in their treatment.
  3. Emotional distress often interferes with productivity on the job. People cannot perform at their best when they are anxious or upset. For the short term, this is usually not a problem. Long-term distress often creates work problems and income decreases as a result. Studies show that people's earnings often go up after effective therapy.

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