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Is Therapy Effective?
Is Therapy Effective?
Research shows that therapy is helpful to most people willing to invest the required effort. Sometimes, however, it is not. This can happen for several reasons:
  1. Poor rapport between you and your therapist. If after a few sessions you do not feel comfortable, please discuss this with me. We will try to work it out. If we can't, I will help you find someone better suited to your needs.
  2. There may be a poor fit between the therapeutic method selected and your problem or personality. If you feel this may be the case in our work, please say so.
  3. Some problems aren't amenable to the kinds of therapy that I provide, though this may not be apparent at first.
  4. There are some problems in life that are not changeable in therapy.

Therapy can be painful at times as issues long avoided or hidden are raised. This should not be endured for its own sake, but in the service of your therapeutic goals. It is unrealistic to expect to feel better after each session. There may be times when you may leave feeling somewhat upset or anxious. If this happens regularly however, please tell me.

Finally, the limits of one's financial resources can lead to frustration in therapy. While in therapy, one may identify additional goals beyond those leading to the initial consultation, yet finances may preclude continuing therapy to meet those goals.

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